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End user and not necessarily purchaser but the people who select and buy a product or service


When you a person or organization that brings goods or services into a country from abroad for sale


All agents who supplies goods to retailers


When you a person or business that sells goods to the public and stay connected with the consumers.


To all brand owners that manage your brands carefully to create shareholder value and looking for new channels


To all group community under association and media partnership who share common interests in the flag of IMBEX industry background

Official Bank Partner

Event Partner

Official Boradband Partner

Official Hospital Partner

Official Transport Partner

Online Presale Ticket Partner

Association Partners

Official Delivery Courier Partner

Media Partners

Determine your goals! IMBEX Series connecting you with the right audiences in a space of designed to deliver your brand, marketing, product, awareness and optimize your relationship with your target market and deal-making


IMBEX Series held in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2008. Our two dedicated show are occupied gross space of 14,500sqm with more than 300 companies exhibits and 500 brands participations. Media coverage, publications and several campaign attract more than 40,000 visitors of retailers, re-sellers, distributors, importers and end consumers.

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